Yoshihiro Suda

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In this paper, the existence and uniqueness of the equilibrium point and absolute stability of a class of neural networks with partially Lipschitz continuous activation functions are investigated. The neural networks contain both variable and unbounded delays. Using the matrix property, a necessary and sufficient condition for the existence and uniqueness(More)
In this paper, we show the outline of our research on interactive traffic environment, under which we are developing mixed reality traffic experiment space. In order to develop sophisticated ITS applications, it is very important to analyze human factor, but there is few method to obtain human factor, thus, we have decided to create interactive traffic(More)
In developing automatic platooning of trucks as an energy-saving technology, the reliable driving of the platooned trucks is a primary objective for public implementation and future applications. At the same time, there is also an emergency requirement to ensure the safety of the driving experiment in the automatic platooning of trucks, including the(More)
Recently, the personal mobility vehicle (PMV), a vehicle suitable for personal use, has been developed. It moves at low speed and is sufficiently small that it can be ridden in pedestrian space. This vehicle is expected to be a new method of transportation that is practical and environmentally friendly. As one form of PMV, the authors propose a two-wheel(More)
Human factors in intelligent transportation systems is an important topic for the application of automatic platooning technology, since driver's behaviors play a critical role in the safety of the normal driving as well as in an emergent situation during automatic platooning. In our research group, a novel truck-driving-simulator for the automatic(More)
A method of active vibration control using regenerated vibration energy, i.e., the self-powered active vibration control is proposed. In this system, vibration energy is regenerated with an electric generator ,which is called energy regenerative damper, and is stored in a condenser. An actuator attains active vibration control using the energy stored in the(More)
Nowadays insight into human-machine interaction is a critical topic with the large-scale development of intelligent vehicles. Biosignal analysis can provide a deeper understanding of driver behaviors that may indicate rationally practical use of the automatic technology. Therefore, this study concentrates on biosignal analysis to quantitatively evaluate(More)