Yoshihiro Ohkawa

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We evaluated the gradient echo (GRE) Dixon method in metastatic bone tumors using a low-field MRI scanner (0.2 Tesla). This method is characterized by the double echo sequence of in-phase and opposed-phase. Studies were carried out on a phantom, 14 healthy volunteers, and clinical examples (33 vertebral bodies) using the T(1)-weighted spin echo,(More)
PURPOSE It is for a purpose of this study to measure radiation dose by analyzing a dose profile of multi-slice computed tomography varying with helical pitch and a row slice thickness difference complicatedly. MATERIALS AND METHODS We used multi-slice computed tomography, and helical pitch and row slice thickness change and scanned the helical scan. I(More)
To determine the characteristic curve of the radiographic screen/film systems in a short focal spot-film distance, the inverse square sensitometric method was modified by changing the radiation intensity with two kinds of filters. The characteristic curves obtained in the two exposure series with these two kinds of filters were overlapped to obtain a(More)
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