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Sensitivity analyses of OH missing sinks over Tokyo metropolitan area in the summer of 2007
Abstract. OH reactivity is one of key indicators which reflect impacts of photochemical reactions in the atmosphere. An observation campaign has been conducted in the summer of 2007 at the heart ofExpand
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The database of the PREDICTS (Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems) project
Abstract The PREDICTS project—Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems (www.predicts.org.uk)—has collated from published studies a large, reasonably representativeExpand
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Functional uniqueness of a small carnivore as seed dispersal agents: a case study of the common palm civets in the Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Sabah, Malaysia
Many carnivorous mammals consume fruits and disperse the intact seeds to specific sites. Few studies have attempted to quantify this seed dispersal or evaluate its effectiveness, despite itsExpand
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Aerosol liquid water promotes the formation of water-soluble organic nitrogen in submicrometer aerosols in a suburban forest.
Water-soluble organic nitrogen (WSON) affects the formation, chemical transformations, hygroscopicity, and acidity of organic aerosols as well as biogeochemical cycles of nitrogen. However, largeExpand
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Rate coefficients for the reactions of cyclohexadienyl (c-C6H7) radicals with O2 and NO at room temperature
Abstract Rate coefficients for the reactions of cyclohexadienyl ( c -C 6 H 7 ) radicals with O 2 and NO were measured at 296 ± 2 K. The c -C 6 H 7 radicals were detected selectively by laser-inducedExpand
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Simultaneous estimation of seasonal population density, habitat preference and catchability of wild boars based on camera data and harvest records
Analyses of life history and population dynamics are essential for effective population control of wild mammals. We developed a model for the simultaneous estimation of seasonal changes in threeExpand
Total OH reactivity measurements in laboratory studies of the photooxidation of isoprene
Abstract The hydroxyl radical (OH) is the principal oxidizing agent in Earth's troposphere. Measurements of the total OH reactivity, defined as the reciprocal of the lifetime of OH, have beenExpand
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Preparation of formylated Novolacs and their photoreaction
Formylated Novolacs were prepared by the reaction of Novolacs with formic acid-acetic anhydride in the presence of pyridine in tetrahydrofuran at room temperature. When the resulting formylatedExpand
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Missing peroxy radical sources within a rural forest canopy
Organic peroxy (RO2) and hydroperoxy (HO2) radicals are key intermediates in the photochemical processes that generate ozone, secondary organic aerosol and reactive nitrogen reservoirs throughout theExpand
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