Yoshihiro Nakanishi

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We propose a query method that allows viewers to search video data based on the spatio-temporal relationships of moving objects using a simple and intuitive mode of input. In order to make a query, for example, of a certain segment or style of play in sports footage, it is necessary to express the complex movements of objects in an intuitive manner. In the(More)
An oligonucleotide probe targeting the rRNA of Erwinia herbicola and Erwinia ananas was designed to detect their cells using fluorescence in situ hybridization. The Cy3-labeled probe hybridized strongly with these species but very weakly with nontarget species such as Erwinia mallotivora, Erwinia nigrifluens, Erwinia cypripedii, Erwinia chrysanthemi,(More)
Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus (Las) is a causal agent of citrus greening disease (CG; Huanglongbing) in Japan. Currently, the midribs of leaves are used to diagnose CG-infected trees. In this study, we sampled branch collars of trees to test for Las. The pathogen was identified more often in the shoot bases than in the petioles, midribs, or shoot tips.(More)
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