Yoshihiro Kawano

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In the field of neuroscience, low-invasive in vivo imaging would be a very useful method of monitoring the morphological dynamics of intact neurons in living animals. At present, there are two widely used in vivo imaging methods; one is the two-photon microscope method, and the other is the fiber optics method. However, these methods are not suitable for(More)
This paper aims to study how to gain the consistency of the state in a DVE (Distributed Virtual Environment) with lag, under the condition of peer-to-peer architecture. That is, we study how to reduce in real-time the difference of the DVE state between peers caused by transmission lag or update interval, and how to control the shared object in the online(More)
Microfluidics is used increasingly for engineering and biomedical applications due to recent advances in microfabrication technologies. Visualization of bubbles, tracer particles, and cells in a microfluidic device is important for designing a device and analyzing results. However, with conventional methods, it is difficult to observe the channel geometry(More)
We present a new method for whole slide darkfield imaging. Whole Slide Imaging (WSI), also sometimes called virtual slide or virtual microscopy technology, produces images that simultaneously provide high resolution and a wide field of observation that can encompass the entire section, extending far beyond any single field of view. For example, a brain(More)
Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, has been popularized to our society. In the social media times, people become more active between online and offline. Today, personal branding is very important to harness an individual strong point. We are studying about the personal branding for university students by practical use of social media. Concretely,(More)
This paper studies the way to improve consistency of states in a ball-game typed Distributed Virtual Environment (DVE) with lag, in peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture. That is, we are studying how to reduce in real-time the difference of states between the participating terminals in a virtual ball game caused by transmission lag or update interval. We are also(More)
Whole slide imaging (WSI) is a useful tool for multi-modal imaging, and in our work, we have often combined WSI with darkfield microscopy. However, traditional darkfield microscopy cannot use a single condenser to support high- and low-numerical-aperture objectives, which limits the modality of WSI. To overcome this limitation, we previously developed a(More)
Recently, cyber security to protect information systems or personal information against threats of the internet is big issue. We are studying a distributed autonomous cooperative system about exclusive Web crawling for cyber security. The system is divided into three subsystems, that is, Web space projection system, autonomous cooperative Web crawler, and(More)
Social media such as Twitter and Facebook have become popular. In the age of social media, many people have become more active online. Personal branding is a very important strategy for capitalizing on individual strong points. This kind of branding is expected to contribute to self-actualization. Therefore, the presence of mentors who advise users to find(More)