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We use modern and novel techniques to study the problems associated with detection and analysis of multitudinous seismic events, which form the background for isolated great earthquakes. This new approach involves multivariate analysis of low and large magnitude events recorded in space over a couple of centuries in time. We propose here the deployment of(More)
One approach to investigate earthquake source processes is to produce kinematic source models from inversion of seismic records and geodetic data. The setup of the inversion requires a variety of assumptions and constraints to restrict the range of possible models. Here, we evaluate to what extent physically plausible earthquake scenarios are reliably(More)
OBJECTIVES Assessment of physiologic renal motion in order to optimize abdominal intensity-modulated radiation therapy and stereotactic body radiation therapy. METHODS AND MATERIALS Twenty patients with a median age of 47 years underwent computed tomography simulation and four-dimensional computed tomography acquisition. Thirty-nine kidneys were contoured(More)
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