Yoshihiro Hori

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Chlornitrofen (CNP) was widely used in large quantities as a herbicide in rice paddy fields in Japan during 1965-1994. Recently, there has been concern that chemicals in the environment may disrupt the endocrine function of wildlife and humans, but little is known about the effect of CNP on endocrine function. We have developed reporter gene assays for(More)
DNA analyses of 41 individuals with stigmata of Turner syndrome and a 45,X/46,X+mar or 46,X+mar karyotype were carried out. Southern-blot analysis employing 17 Y-specific probes was used to determine whether the marker chromosome was Y-chromosomal in origin. Of the 41 DNA samples from these patients, 23 contained detectable Y-chromosomal DNA. Points of(More)
The crystal structures of N-acetyl-DL-isoleucine, N-acetyl-DL-alloisoleucine and their ammonium salts show that these four compounds exist as racemic compounds around room temperature. The two ammonium salts are arranged around a 21 screw axis, forming a helical column which consists of ammonium ions and single enantiomeric anions similar to the crystals of(More)
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