Yoshihiro Hirohashi

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The detection of the glomeruli is a key step in the histopathological evaluation of microscopic images of the kidneys. However, the task of automatic detection of the glomeruli poses challenges owing to the differences in their sizes and shapes in renal sections as well as the extensive variations in their intensities due to heterogeneity in(More)
Diabetic nephropathy is a major complication in diabetes and a leading cause of end-stage renal failure. Glomerular podocytes are functionally and structurally injured early in diabetic nephropathy. A non-obese type 2 diabetes model, the spontaneously diabetic Torii (SDT) rat, is of increasing preclinical interest because of its pathophysiological(More)
SUMMARY Classification tasks in computer vision and brain-computer interface research have presented several applications such as biometrics and cognitive training. However, like in any other discipline, determining suitable representation of data has been challenging, and recent approaches have deviated from the familiar form of one vector for each data(More)
Face recognition techniques have gained much attention and research interests over the recent years due to their vast applications in security and authentication systems. Some of the popular approaches involve support vector machines (SVM), which can either be a binary or a multiclass classification problem, and subspace learning, where data is assumed to(More)
Recently, driving methods for synchronizing ventricular assist devices (VADs) with heart rhythm of patients suffering from severe heart failure have been receiving attention. Most of the conventional methods require implanting a sensor for measurement of a signal, such as electrocardiogram, to achieve synchronization. In general, implanting sensors into the(More)
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