Yoshihiro Futamata

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The recent expansion in the geographical areas open to human activity has made it desirable to have an objective method to evaluate the degree of high-altitude acclimatization. In this study, we measured the arterial oxygen saturation value at rest and just after exercise in healthy high-altitude trekkers using a transportable pulse oximeter. During a(More)
In infant CT scans, it is important to minimize radiation exposure without lowering the quality of the diagnosis. Therefore, appropriate parameters for infant CT scan should be considered at each institute. In order to determine parameters for infant body CT, we measured the physical characteristics of our current CT machine and evaluated scan parameters as(More)
Computed tomography colonography (CTC) is a robust and reliable imaging test of the colon. Recent studies show good sensitivity for the identification of nonpolypoid (flat) lesions as well. The purpose of this study was to determine the accuracy and reproducibility of a volume-rendering (VR) and virtual gross pathology (VGP) technique for detecting a(More)
The normal tube voltage in computed tomography colonography (CTC) is 120 kV. Some reports indicate that the use of a low tube voltage (lower than 120 kV) technique plays a significant role in reduction of radiation dose. However, to determine whether a lower tube voltage can reduce radiation dose without compromising diagnostic accuracy, an evaluation of(More)
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