Yoshihiko Suhara

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Automatic check-in, which is to identify a user's visited points of interest (POIs) from his or her trajectories, is still an open problem because of positioning errors and the high POI density in small areas. In this study, we propose a probabilistic visited-POI identification method. The method uses a new hierarchical Bayesian model for identifying the(More)
In this paper, we propose a method of extracting “action relations” between related topic words from Japanese weblogs (blogs). An action relation is a tuple of agent, target and predicate. Our method obtains blog articles that contain two keywords by AND search and outputs action relations constructed from the predicate and the two keywords with case(More)
Spammers use a wide range of content generation techniques with low quality pages known as content spam to achieve their goals. We argue that content spam must be tackled using a wide range of content quality features. In this paper, we propose novel sentence-level diversity features based on the probabilistic topic model. We combine them with other content(More)
Depression is a prevailing issue and is an increasing problem in many people’s lives. Without observable diagnostic criteria, the signs of depression may go unnoticed, resulting in high demand for detecting depression in advance automatically. This paper tackles the challenging problem of forecasting severely depressed moods based on self-reported(More)
We propose a method of extracting named entities that are related to a single input word. Focusing on the syntactic dependency relation in sentences, it is reasonable to extract a case element that syntactically depends on the predicate that the input word depends on. In Japanese, though, a word which has appeared in a previous sentence is often omitted or(More)
Entity population, a task of collecting entities that belong to a particular category, has attracted attention from vertical domains. There is still a high demand for creating entity dictionaries in vertical domains, which are not covered by existing knowledge bases. We develop a lightweight front-end tool for facilitating interactive entity population. We(More)
Semantic similarity or semantic relatedness are features of natural language that contribute to the challenge machines face when analyzing text. Although semantic relatedness is still a complex challenge only few ground truth data set exist. We argue that the available corpora used to evaluate the performance of natural language tools do not capture all(More)
Driver behavior affects traffic safety, fuel/energy consumption and gas emissions. The purpose of driver behavior profiling is to understand and have a positive influence on driver behavior. Driver behavior profiling tasks usually involve an automated collection of driving data and the application of computer models to classify what characterizes the(More)
Understanding purchase behavior of people in city environment can have important implications in the design and management of cities and the study of urban economy. Traditional studies have proposed to use gravity-based spatial interaction (Huff) model [1, 2] or discrete choice model [3] to model individual purchase behavior. These models treat individual(More)