Yoshihiko Omura

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UV-curable chitosans (UVCC-7-10) were synthesized using less-toxic agents. The UVCC-7 was completely cured by UV spot irradiation for 4 s. The UVCC-7 was implanted into murine subcutaneous tissues, and the response to the implantation was observed by histological examination at 7 days after implantation. In the histological findings, the implant was(More)
Urocanic acid is a major ultraviolet (UV)-absorbing chromophore. Chitins are highly crystalline structures that are found predominantly in crustacean shells. Alpha-chitin consists of microfibers that contain nanofibrils embedded in a protein matrix. Acid hydrolysis is a common method used to prepare chitin nanofibrils (NFs). We typically obtain NFs by(More)
Following the former version of the database on the thermal death of microorganisms, ThermoKill Database R9100, we constructed an expanded version, ThermoKill Database R8100. This database includes the thermal death data together with as many as 70 items of experimental conditions described in research papers which appeared in 23 academic journals published(More)
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