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Effects of hindlimb suspension (HS) and ambulation recovery on hippocampal neurogenesis of newly weaned rats were studied by using immunohistochemical techniques. The number of proliferating cell nuclear antigen-positive (PCNA(+)) cells in the subgranular zone (SGZ) markedly decreased during normal growth. However, neither HS nor subsequent recovery caused(More)
In point scanning imaging, data are acquired by sequentially scanning each pixel of a predetermined area. This way of scanning leads to time delays between pixels, especially for lower scanning speed or large scanned areas. Therefore, experiments are often performed at lower framerates in order to ensure a sufficient signal-to-noise ratio, even though(More)
In the pre-Bötzinger complex of the ventral medulla (preBötC), a variable pattern of inspiratory neuronal output and synchronous activation of inspiratory cells can be observed. However, it is not well known whether cellular activation patterns among inspiratory cells are variable or fixed. Here, we evaluated the activation sequence of inspiratory cells(More)
Aspiration is associated with the decreased Quality of Life Score (QOLS) in swallowing and chewing. It is caused by central nervous system disorders that include stroke, cerebral palsy, and intractable neurological diseases, disorders of oral cavity, pharynx or larynx and so on. Because the simple aging causes ingesting/swallowing disorders, it became one(More)
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