Yoshihiko Miyasato

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This paper provides alternative approaches to solve iterative learning control (ILC) of robotic manipulators by introducing hybrid adaptation schemes and extended versions of those, that is, 2-dimensional adaptive control. The 2-dimensional adaptive control strategies contain 2 types of adaptation processes, off-line tuning and on-line tuning,(More)
— This paper deals with the problem of constructing adaptive trajectory control scheme of nonholonomic mobile robots based on H∞ control strategy. Both kinematics control laws and dynamics control ones are developed based on H∞ criterion and for processes with unknown parameters. It is shown that the resulting control signals are derived as solutions of(More)
  • Y. Miyasato
  • 2006
A new class of adaptive nonlinear H<sub>infin</sub> control systems for nonlinear and time-varying processes which include nonlinear parametric models approximated by neural networks (NN), is proposed in this manuscript. Those control schemes are derived as solutions of particular nonlinear H<sub>infin</sub> control problems, where unknown system(More)
— The problem of constructing model reference adaptive H∞ control for flexible arms is considered in this manuscript. Control schemes of flexible arms are mixed parameter systems composed of distributed parameter systems of hyperbolic type (flexible arms) and lumped parameter systems (motor control systems). Owing to infinite dimensional modes of(More)