Yoshihiko Chiba

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Treatment with acetylcholine (ACh) of a beta-escin-permeabilized intrapulmonary bronchial smooth muscle of the rat induced force when the Ca2+ concentration was clamped at 1 microM. The ACh-induced Ca2+ sensitization of myofilaments was significantly greater in antigen-induced airway hyperresponsive rats than in control rats. The ACh-induced Ca2+(More)
We report that a novel sulfonylamino compound, 4-[2-(phenylsulfonylamino)ethylthio]-2,6-difluoro-phenoxyacetam ide (PEPA), selectively potentiates glutamate receptors of the AMPA subtype. PEPA (1-200 microM) dose dependently potentiated glutamate-evoked currents in Xenopus oocytes expressing AMPA (GluRA-GluRD), but not kainate (GluR6 and GluR6+KA2) or NMDA(More)
Control of messenger RNA (mRNA) stability serves as an important mechanism for regulating gene expression. Analysis of Arabidopsis mutants that overaccumulate soluble methionine (Met) revealed that the gene for cystathionine gamma-synthase (CGS), the key enzyme in Met biosynthesis, is regulated at the level of mRNA stability. Transfection experiments with(More)
Previous clinical studies showed an apparent correlation between hypertension and insulin resistance, and patients with diabetes are known to have increased blood pressure responsiveness to salt loading. To investigate the effect of high salt intake on insulin sensitivity and the insulin signaling pathway, a high-salt diet (8% NaCl) or a normal diet was(More)
Holocarboxylase synthetase (HCS) plays an essential role in biotin utilization in eukaryotic cells and its deficiency causes biotin-responsive multiple carboxylase deficiency in humans. We have cloned the human HCS cDNA and show that antiserum against the recombinant protein immunoprecipitates human HCS. A one base deletion resulting in a premature(More)
RATIONALE Augmented bronchial smooth muscle (BSM) contraction is one of the causes of bronchial hyperresponsiveness. The protein RhoA and its downstream pathways have now been proposed as a new target for asthma therapy. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play important roles in normal and diseased cell functions, and a contribution of miR-133 to RhoA expression has been(More)
p57KIP2 is a potent tight-binding inhibitor of several G1 cyclin complexes, and is a negative regulator of cell proliferation. The gene encoding human p57KIP2 is located on chromosome 11p15.5, a region implicated in both sporadic cancers and Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome (BWS), a cancer syndrome, making it a tumor suppressor candidate. Several types of(More)
CONTEXT Japan's maternal mortality rate is higher than that of other developed countries. OBJECTIVES To identify causes of maternal mortality in Japan, examine attributes of treating facilities associated with maternal mortality, and assess the preventability of such deaths. DESIGN AND SETTING Cross-sectional study of maternal deaths occurring in Japan(More)
The SAMP10 mouse is a model of accelerated ageing in which senescence is characterized by age-related atrophy of the cerebral cortex and limbic structures, poor learning and memory task performance with depressive behaviour and cholinergic and dopaminergic alterations. Here we studied age-related changes in the dendritic arbors and spine density of(More)
The purpose of this study was to estimate the risk of heart diseases in pregnancy. A total of 594 patients with heart diseases treated at the National Cardiovascular Center between 1982 and 1993 were evaluated. The heart diseases were classified into eight categories: congenital heart disease with or without pulmonary hypertension (8 cases (1%) and 219(More)