Yoshihiko Anzawa

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In the fermentation industry, the traceability of microorganisms during the process is important to ensure safety and efficacy. Ethyl carbamate, a group-2A carcinogen, is produced from ethanol and urea during the storage of food/alcoholic beverages. We isolated non-urea-producing sake yeast car1 mutants carrying a discriminable molecular marker, and(More)
Low protein content and sufficient grain rigidity are desired properties for the rice used in high-quality sake brewing such as Daiginjo-shu (polishing ratio of the rice, less than 50%). Two kinds of rice, sake rice (SR) and cooking rice (CR), have been used for sake brewing. Compared with those of SR, analyses of CR for high-quality sake brewing using(More)
The Japanese high-quality sake Daiginjo-shu is made from highly polished rice (polishing ratio, less than 50%). Here we showed that the sake rice Koshitanrei (KOS) has an excellent polishing property. Rice grains of KOS had the same lined white-core region as the sake rice Yamadanishiki (YAM). The grain rigidity/hardness of KOS was higher than that of the(More)
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