Yoshihide Nomura

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We present new cloud support that employs a single API -- the Datastore API from Google App Engine (GAE) -- to interface to different open source distributed database (DB) technologies. We employ this support to ``plug in'' DB technologies to the API so that they can be used by web applications and services without modification. The system facilitates an(More)
This paper aims to provide an efficient frame aggregation in medium access control (MAC) layer for downlink multi-user multiple input multiple output (MUMIMO) transmissions in IEEE 802.11ac wireless local area networks (WLANs), and proposes an efficient frame aggregation scheme which enhances system throughput and decreases frame error rate. In the proposed(More)
In this paper, we present and empirically evaluate the performance of database-agnostic transaction (DAT) support for the cloud. Our design and implementation of DAT is scalable, fault-tolerant, and requires only that the data store provide atomic, row-level access. Our approach enables applications to employ a single transactional data store API that can(More)
We describe a new architecture and protocol that we have developed to meet the requirements of workjlow systems that are used for electronic commerce systems among enterprises. We developed practical electronic commerce systems using XML-based workjlow systems among enterprises. We found that the requirements are greatly different from traditional workjlow(More)
This paper proposes multi-query unification, a technique for generating unified components from a DFD aimed at reducing the total cost of data transmission between components that are deployed to a computing fabric that includes processing nodes and interconnection services. The method focuses on generating components of the two primary data processing(More)
Process mining has been studied for many years but has not been so widely adopted in real business practices. In this study, we propose a practical approach to process mining. This approach has three characteristics. Firstly, we make use of transaction databases of business systems that don't necessarily have an identifier throughout a process instance,(More)
We propose a runtime composition method for creating various applications that comprise elaborate big data processing. Cloud platforms are required to be more capable at applying elaborate big data processing to various services for real businesses. Therefore, the platforms should be extensible to compound emerging runtimes. However, there are two major(More)
This paper describes practices for multi-level modeling by only using existing modeling frameworks that comply Meta-Object Facility (MOF). We design modeling patterns for achieving the multi-level modeling methodologies on Eclipse Modeling Framework, and implement the dataflow model by applying the patterns. Moreover, we attempt to compare the patterns(More)