Yoshiharu Mori

Robert B Palmer1
James H Norem1
David A Finley1
Alexandr Drozhdin1
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  • Charles M Ankenbrandt, J Scott Berg, Alexandr Drozhdin, Richard C Fernow, David A Finley, Juan C Gallardo +44 others
  • 1999
The status of the research on muon colliders is discussed and plans are outlined for future theoretical and experimental studies. Besides work on the parameters of a 3– 4 and 0.5 TeV center-of-mass (COM) energy collider, many studies are now concentrating on a machine near 0.1 TeV (COM) that could be a factory for the s-channel production of Higgs(More)
Simulated tempering (ST) is a useful method to enhance sampling of molecular simulations. When ST is used, the Metropolis algorithm, which satisfies the detailed balance condition, is usually applied to calculate the transition probability. Recently, an alternative method that satisfies the global balance condition instead of the detailed balance condition(More)
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