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Lightness perception of chromatic object colors
A hypothesis is proposed to predict the perceived lightness of chromatic object colors, which is well known as the Helmholtz-Kohlrausch effect or the lightness-reflectance ratio effect (L/Y effect).Expand
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Magnetic Property of Antiferromagnetic MnO Ultrafine-Particle
Superparamagnetism was observed in antiferromagnetic MnO ultrafine-particles with the size range of 3.7∼5.4 nm. The decrease of Neel temperature in these finite systems was confirmed by measuring theExpand
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Analyzing the natural color system's color‐order system by using a nonlinear color‐appearance model
The Natural Color System (NCS) is analyzed by using a nonlinear color-appearance model. Perceptual uniformity was examined for each of the NCS attributes of blackness (s), chromaticness (Cr), andExpand
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