Yoshifumi Nagai

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Higher order spatial correlations can capture edge and object relationships. Isotrigon textures are useful for studying our sensitivity to these correlations. We determined human discrimination performance for 18 isotrigon texture types and compared it with outputs from statistical discriminant models. Some of the models employed versions of the Allan(More)
This study was conducted to investigate the effects of different exposure rates on thermal responses with the total cold exposure time the same under each of the conditions. After resting in a warm room (25 degrees C) for 10 minutes, six male students wearing standard cold protective clothing entered an adjoining cold room (-25 degrees C). Each 5-, 10- and(More)
Twenty-three children (12 boys and 11 girls) and 13 female students served as the subjects in summer. The children were from six to eight years old. The subjects were seated in a hot room of 30 degrees C and their legs were immersed in bath water of 42 degrees C for 30 minutes. Total sweat rate, local sweat rate on the back, rectal temperature, skin(More)
In a stereoscopic full-color LED display by use of a parallax barrier, we discuss optimization of the viewing area, which depends on the width of the black regions between LEDs. Although conventional stereoscopic displays use a parallax barrier to permit the viewer to view stereoscopic images without any special glasses, their viewing area is restricted by(More)
In this paper, we examine the non-linearity of mechano-electric transduction in the cochlea by computing the instantaneous frequency (IF) of the cochlear microphonic (CM) in response to sinusoidal stimuli. In contrast to a linear system which yields a constant IF when driven with a sinusoid, the IF of the CM varied during one period of oscillation. This(More)
 The occurrence of grafting between WF and MTIR through esterification, the processing conditions for production of the composites, and the effect of MAH concentration on some physical and mechanical properties as well as the biodegradability of the composites have been studied. The FTIR measurement demonstrated that grafting through esterification had been(More)
Since the health hazard of asbestos fibers has been widely recognized, the number of asbestos abatement projects in schools has increased rapidly. Most of these projects were planned during summer vacation from school. However, in Japan, it is hot and humid in summer. Moreover, the workers have to wear impermeable protective clothing because of the asbestos(More)
In early-stage atherosclerosis, the luminal surface of the arterial wall becomes rough because of detachment of endothelial cells and degeneration of the internal elastic layer. Therefore, it would be useful if minute luminal surface roughness of the carotid arterial wall, which occurs in the early stage of atherosclerosis, could be measured noninvasively(More)