Yoshifumi Kanno

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The video capture of surgery is becoming widely used but the colors reproduced by conventional RGB-based video systems differ from the original. In this work, 6-band multispectral video was applied to the open surgery for highfidelity color reproduction, and medical doctors visually evaluated the reproduced image quality. As a result, 1) the 6band video(More)
Introduction The vertical MR head has the advantage to high areal density of hard disk drive system, because the signal output does not depend on the read track width at a constant sense current density[l]. Furthermore, the stability of the narrow track MR sensor is an important factor in the head design to achieve high areal density. In the conventional(More)
Videos and still-images play quite important role in telemedicine, such as dermatology, teleconsultation, endoscopy, and surgery video. However, one of the problems is the lack of color reproducibility, since it is difficult to reproduce the original color of the object in conventional color imaging systems based on RGB (red, green, blue). Although the(More)
We design and characterize a two-dimensional sonic crystal (SC) to manipulate the propagation of acoustic waves by numerical simulation based on the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method and by ultrasonic measurement. Two types of SC for an acoustic lens effect are studied. One is a homogeneous periodic structure exhibiting negative refraction, and(More)
High-fidelity color imaging technology that incorporates spectrum-based color reproduction system, called "natural vision" (NV) is applied to the field experiment of telemedicine. The experiment comprises mainly two parts; 1) High-fidelity color video of open surgery was captured by the six-band multispectral camera, and the image quality was visually(More)
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