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BACKGROUND We assembled needed data on the prevalence and characteristics of BRCA1/2 in Japan. MATERIALS AND METHODS Our study of BRCA1/2 collected data at eight institutions in Japan on 320 individuals with a strong family history of breast cancer, according to the NCCN guidelines, by the end of March 2012. RESULTS Among 260 proband cases, 46 (17.7 %)(More)
Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is aggressive, with high risk of visceral metastasis and death. A substantial proportion of patients with TNBC is associated with BRCA mutations, implying that these tumors are sensitive to DNA-damaging agents. We report successful treatment of a metastatic TNBC in a woman with a BRCA2 germline mutation using combined(More)
Cell growth rate reflects an organism’s physiological state and largely relies on the ability of gene expression to respond to the environment. The relationship between cellular growth rate and gene expression remains unknown. Growth rate-coordinated changes in gene expression were discovered by analyzing exponentially growing Escherichia coli cells(More)
Stochastic switching is considered as a cost-saving strategy for adaptation to environmental challenges. We show here that stochastic switching of a monostable circuit can mediate the adaptation of the engineered OSU12-hisC Escherichia coli strain to histidine starvation. In this strain, the hisC gene was deleted from the His operon and placed under the(More)
Gene rewiring is a common evolutionary phenomenon in nature that may lead to extinction for living organisms. Recent studies on synthetic biology demonstrate that cells can survive genetic rewiring. This survival (adaptation) is often linked to the stochastic expression of rewired genes with random transcriptional changes. However, the probability of(More)
Distinctive survival strategies, specialized in regulation and in quality control, were observed in thermal adaptive evolution with a laboratory Escherichia coli strain. The two specialists carried a single mutation either within rpoH or upstream of groESL, which led to the activated global regulation by sigma factor 32 or an increased amount of GroEL/ES(More)
BACKGROUND As the advent of genomic technology accelerates personalized medicine and complex care, multidisciplinary care is essential for management of breast cancer. OBJECTIVES To assess whether healthcare delivery systems are related to patients' perceptions of care in breast cancer treatment institutions. METHODS We conducted a cross-sectional(More)
Tulobuterol, a sympathomimetic drug used as a transdermal patch, increases normal diaphragm muscle strength. Because diaphragm muscle weakness (i.e. decrease of contraction) is a feature of bronchial asthma and sepsis, we examined the in vitro and in vivo effects of tulobuterol on the contractility of diaphragm muscles prepared from mice treated with(More)