Yoshie Endo

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To gain a comprehensive understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying the effects of dietary protein on alternations in physiologic and pathologic status, the GeneChip microarray system was used to investigate the consequences of two different states of protein malnutrition on gene expression in rat liver. Expressions of 281 genes were increased or(More)
The effect of the consumption of hypoallergenic wheat flour (HWF) on the expression of a wide spectrum of genes was analyzed by using a DNA microarray. Gene expression profiles in the liver and intestines of rats fed on a diet composed mainly of HWF were compared with those of rats fed on a normal flour-based diet. Among the eight thousand transcripts(More)
The p53 gene encodes a multi-functional protein to prevent tumorigenesis. Although there have been many reports of the nuclear functions of p53, little is known about the cytosolic functions of p53. Here, we found that p53 is present in cytosol as well as nuclei under unstressed conditions and binds to clathrin heavy chain (CHC). CHC is known to play a role(More)
Dietary proteins and amino acids serve not only as a building block for body components but also as regulators of a variety of body functions. A great many of the functions of ingested proteins, their peptide fragments, and amino acids have been characterized and some have been brought to practical application. Using a GeneChip DNA microarray system, we(More)
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