Yoshiaki Yoneda

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The Heike Nôkyô, Japanese scrolls of Buddhist sutras created in 1164 AD, includes illustrations of anIpomoea that has long been identified by Japanese scholars asI. nil. What makes this occurrence ofI. nil in pre-Columbian Japan remarkable is that all of its closest relatives are American plants. We give a synopsis of the history of this economically(More)
Floricultural cultivars of the Japanese morning glory (Ipomoea nil) carry transposons of the Tpn1 family as active spontaneous mutagens. Half of the characterized mutations related to floricultural traits were caused by insertion of Tpn1 family elements. In addition, mutations comprising insertions of several bp, presumed to be footprints generated by(More)
A 5.01-/spl mu/m/sup 2/ full-CMOS SRAM cell using a 0.28-/spl mu/m design rule has been developed and the cell operation at as low as 0.6 V was confirmed. This cell has been designed not only to be small but also to be widened bitline pitch for reduction of bitline delay. To realize this cell, optical-proximity-effect correction (OPC) and some technologies(More)
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