Yoshiaki Yamabayashi

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A method is proposed for measurements of the second-order space-time correlation in the transmittance of a given fluctuating medium. Three kinds of light-beat photocurrent are produced by the use of some optical polarization components and two photodetectors. Correlational processing of these currents by an electronic correlator offers two correlation(More)
Temporal coherence characteristics of the InGaAsP laser diode in the single longitudinal mode are measured using an unbalanced Michelson interferometer. It is demonstrated that the coherence characteristics can be expressed by the sum of the Fourier transformation of a spectral fine structure, which consists of a main mode and two adjacent submodes. These(More)
Phase modulation-amplitude modulation conversion in dispersive fibers is affected by nonlinear phase modulation and modulation instability. A differential equation is derived under adiabatic approximations and is solved analytically. The results agree well with experimental values. A simple measurement of the nonlinear coeff icient is thus feasible.
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