Yoshiaki Takahashi

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the utility of lymph node metastasis classification based on the number of positive stations in patients undergoing surgical management of esophageal cancer. Of 257 patients who underwent curative esophagectomy, 126 patients with lymph node involvement underwent assessment of nodal metastasis mode according to the 7th(More)
A 40-year-old man was admitted after 8 months of speech disturbance and locomotive ataxia. He had no seizures, lightning pains, paresthesia, visual loss, bladder disturbance or rectal incontinence. He had never been neurologically or psychiatrically ill and had no history of syphilis. When the patient was admitted, his general physical examination including(More)
We reported a 69-year-old woman with multiple system atrophy (MSA), who had a heteroallelic missense mutation (G1874A, Gly-->Glu) in the exon 11 of the ceruloplasmin (Cp) gene. At the age of 64, she began to complain of progressive gait disturbance, which was resistant to anti-Parkinsonian drug treatment. Neurological examination revealed parkinsonism such(More)
An 86-year old man presented with a 7-year history of gait disturbance. He was admitted to our hospital on April 2000 because he was experiencing difficulty eating due to progression of dropped head syndrome. Upon standing and sitting, remarkable dropped head and kyphosis were observed. When lying, the patient was able to stretch his neck, and he could(More)
A 27-year-old man with congenital external carotid-jugular arteriovenous fistula presented with a diminished level of consciousness and an ataxic gait. Axial fluid-attenuated inversion-recovery (FLAIR) MR imaging revealed venous congestion, a dilated right jugular vein, and an area of high signal intensity in the brain stem and cerebellum. Angiography(More)
An 80-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital because of developed sense of constriction in the trunk and gradually progressive numbness and muscle weakness in the upper and lower extremities. Cerebrospinal fluid analysis showed increased cell count and protein level. Gadolinium enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of spine showed the enhancement(More)
A 68-year-old man was admitted to St Marianna University Hospital on account of loss of consciousness with left hemiplegia. During the hospital recovery course with a rehabilitation procedure, the patient's blood pressure was very unstable, fluctuating between high (210/110 mmHg) and low (110/70 mmHg) values accompanied by a fainting sensation. A second(More)
We report a 59-year-old male with abdominal aortic coarctation presented as paraplegia due to spinal hemorrhage caused by the rupture of abnormally dilated spinal artery. In coarctation of aorta, coarctation is usually located in the aortic isthmus which could be the cause of cervical and upper thoracic myelopathy. However, there has been no report of(More)
We reported a case of Becker type congenital myotonia with myalgia. A 28 year-old woman admitted to our hospital because of right anterior chest pain and back pain. She was diagnosed as myotonic dystrophy by other university hospital when she was 16 years old. Physical examination revealed only myotonia and could not find muscle atrophy or cataracta which(More)
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