Yoshiaki Shikamura

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This study examined the impact of pharmaceutical inquiries regarding prescriptions on drug costs by surveying the actual condition of inquiries at 13 pharmacies. The study also investigated the significance of inquiries from a medical economics perspective by calculating the medical cost savings realized by preventing adverse drug reactions (ADRs). As a(More)
Package insert of pharmaceutical drug is one of the most prioritized information for pharmacists to secure safety of patients. However, the color of character, size, font and so on are various company by company product to product from a viewpoint of visibility. It may be cause a serious accident in case visibility is unclear, although it is the most(More)
Community pharmacists can provide effective pharmaceutical care by questioning the physicians about their prescriptions. The regulatory authority (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare or the like) has been issuing instructions/advice to health insurance-covered pharmacies about the nature of questions to be asked to physicians under the national health(More)
This nationwide survey aimed to evaluate reduction of drug and medical costs due to prevention of serious adverse drug reactions through pharmaceutical inquires by community pharmacist, and investigate relation with iyaku bungyo (separation of dispensing from medical practice) rates. Using the national list of pharmacies, 10% of pharmacies were randomly(More)
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