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Although fall is a rare event in the life of a humanoid robot, we must be prepared for it because its consequences are serious. In this paper we present a fall strategy which rapidly modifies the robot's fall direction in order to avoid hitting a person or an object in the vicinity. Our approach is based on the key observation that during(More)
We present a human-robot interactive scenario consisting of a memory card game between Hondapsilas humanoid robot ASIMO and a human player. The game features perception exclusively through ASIMOpsilas on-board cameras and both reactive and proactive behaviors specific to different situational contexts in the memory game. ASIMO is able to build a dynamic(More)
Fig. 2. Effect of pseudonajatoxin a on the depolarizations produced by iontophoretically applied ACh. Traces show the response recorded intracellularly from a single muscle end-plate. Square pulse : current artifact caused by the passage of current through the iontophoretic electrode, smooth curve: depolarization caused by the action of ACh on the endplate(More)
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