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  • Y Omori
  • 1976
Recent experimental studies in Japan on the evaluation of potential health hazards from phthalate esters used in manufacturing poly (vinyl chloride) as well as several plastics for medical devices and for food containers and packages were introduced. Development of pulmonary granuloma formation after intravenous injection of diethylhexyl phthalate was(More)
  • KIYOTA Kozo, WEI Yuhong, +13 authors Ryuhei Wakasugi
  • 2005
This paper examines the determinants of the backward vertical linkages of Japanese foreign affiliates in manufacturing for the period 1994-2000, focusing on the local backward linkages, or local procurements in the host country. We find that the experience of the affiliate, which is measured by the length of operation, had positive impacts on local(More)
This paper examines the pre-exit productivity performance and asks how productivity affects future survival, controlling for firm size and unobserved firm heterogeneity. Based on firm-level data in Japan for 1995–2002, we found that firms did not face " sudden death " but there was a " shadow of death. " Future exiting firms had lower performance five years(More)
A. A general production theory with friction is provided in which a firm employs multiple workers facing search friction representable by a vacancy cost function robust against any small perturbations. A robust vacancy cost function makes the path outside of unbounded steady state possess greater significance than mere transition, since unbounded(More)
We develop a theoretical model of endogenously determined union density and union membership. A union is formed, continued, or dissolved by majority voting. Given the profitability, production technology, and labor and product market conditions, the union determines the reservation wage that is acceptable to the firm. Based on this reservation wage and(More)
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