Yoshiaki Kawajiri

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Over the past several decades, many modifications have been proposed in SMB chromatography in order to effectively separate a binary mixture. However, the separation of a multi-component mixture using SMB is still one of the major challenges. Recently, a computational study was performed which compared various existing isocratic ternary separation operating(More)
Over the past decade, many modifications have been proposed in simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography in order to effectively separate a binary mixture. However, the separation of multi-component mixtures using SMB is still one of the major challenges. In addition, the performance of SMB system highly depends on its operating conditions. Our study(More)
Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) was developed as a realization of continuous countercurrent operation of chromatographic separation. An SMB unit consists of several columns of the same length connected in series, where feed and desorbent are supplied and extract and raffinate are withdrawn continuously. This operation is repeated by shifting the(More)
In this paper, efficient optimization techniques are used to solve multi-objective optimization problems arising from Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) processes. SMBs are widely used in many industrial separations of chemical products and they are very challenging from the optimization point of view. With the help of interactive multi-objective optimization,(More)
The past decade has seen a variety of operating modifications for Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) processes, including Three-Zone, VARICOL, and PowerFeed. In recent studies, we have shown that these can all be embedded within a superstructure optimization problem with timevariant flow rates. Moreover, the resulting dynamic optimization problem has yielded a(More)
A new improvement based on outlet fractionation and feedback has been developed for simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography. In this contribution, this fractionation and feedback SMB (FF-SMB) concept is extended to the general scenario which integrates a simultaneous fractionation of both outlet streams. A model-based optimization approach, previously(More)
A novel modification of simulated moving bed (SMB) technology, referred to as fractionation and feedback SMB (FF-SMB), has been introduced recently. This concept is based on fractionating one or both outlet streams and feeding the off-spec fractions back into the unit alternatingly with the original feed mixture. In this paper, the optimization problem of(More)
Optimization problems with partial differential equation (PDE) constraints arise in many science and engineering applications. Their robust and efficient solution present many mathematical challenges and requires a tight integration of properties and structures of the underlying problem, of fast numerical PDE solvers, and of numerical nonlinear(More)