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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the magnitude and dose-relatedness of the effect of clarithromycin on the pharmacokinetics of digoxin, and to compare the effects of clarithromycin with those of P-glycoprotein inhibitors. METHODS Eight Japanese inpatients with congestive heart failure participated in this study. Each patient received oral digoxin therapy for at(More)
This paper describes a case study of building a prototype of an immersive three dimensional (3-D) modeler which supports simple two-handed operations. Designing 3-D objects in a virtual environment has a number of advantages for 3-D geometry creation over designing with traditional computer aided design (CAD) tools. In order to enhance the human-computer(More)
Anonymous mobile robots are often classified into synchronous, semi-synchronous and asynchronous robots when discussing the pattern formation problem. For semi-synchronous robots, all patterns formable with memory are also formable without memory, with the single exception of forming a point (i.e., the gathering) by two robots. (All patterns formable with(More)
Network security can be increased by filtering packets at a firewall. Packet filtering examines network packets and decides whether to accept or deny them, and these decisions are made according to policies that are established by the network administrator and implemented by specific filters. An administrator who finds it hard to understand and maintain a(More)
Packet filtering provides initial layer of security based upon set of ordered filters called firewall policies. It examines the network packets and decides whether to accept or deny them. But when a packet matches two or more filters conflicts arise. Due to the conflicts, some filters are never executed and some filters are occasionally executed. It may(More)
This study assessed markers of vascular endothelial cell dysfunction associated with early atherosclerosis in carotid arteries. We measured the plasma levels of free-form tissue factor pathway inhibitor (free TFPI), plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1), and von Willebrand factor (vWF) in 522 adults without cardiovascular disease enrolled in the Suita(More)