Yoshiaki Kanno

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Many real matching markets are subject to distributional constraints. These constraints often take the form of restrictions on the numbers of agents on one side of the market matched to certain subsets of the other side. Real-life examples include restrictions imposed on regions in medical residency matching, academic master’s programs in graduate school(More)
Anthocyanin is the principal pigment in flowers, conferring intense red-to-blue cyanic colours on petals and helping to attract pollinators. Its biosynthesis involves glycosylation steps that are important for the stability of the pigment and for its aqueous solubility in vacuoles. Here we describe anthocyanin biosynthesis in roses (Rosa hybrida), which is(More)
In an attempt to increase the placement of medical residents in rural hospitals, the Japanese government recently introduced “regional caps” which restrict the total number of residents matched within each region of the country. To accommodate regional caps, the government modified the deferred acceptance mechanism in a particular manner. Motivated by this(More)
Viral symptoms are frequently observed in production fields of ranunculus (Ranunculus asiaticus L.) in Japan. Based on incidence of diseases caused by a large number of ranunculus-infective viruses, ranunculus mild mosaic virus (RanMMV), tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) and cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) infections were the focus of an epidemiological field(More)
Kodamaea ohmeri is a rare yeast pathogen that has recently emerged as an important cause of fungemia in immunocompromised patients. However, appropriate therapy for this infection remains unclear. We report a case of catheter-related blood stream infection caused by K. ohmeri in a 58-year-old patient who improved after removal of the central venous catheter(More)
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