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In this paper we compare four risk analysis methods: Mehari, Magerit, NIST800-30 and Microsoft's Security Management Guide. Mehari is a method for risk analysis and risk management developed by CLUSIF (Club de la Securite del' Information Francais). Magerit is a risk analysis and management methodology for information systems developed by CSAE (Consejo(More)
1. Bei einem 20 Monate alten japanischen Knaben aus Tokyo wurde folgendes eigentümliches Syndrom beobachtet: Seit Geburt zunehmend ausgeprägte Beugekontrakturen der Extremitäten mit einer deutlichen Bewegungsstörung der Gelenke, allmählichen wahrscheinlich sekundären Muskelatrophien und polymorphen Hautefflorescenzen sowie subcutanen Knoten, fusiformen(More)
The Internet of Things (IoTs) is an emerging concept referring to networked everyday objects that interconnect to each other via wireless sensors attached to them. TESLA is a source authentication protocol for the broadcast network. Scalability of TESLA is limited by distribution of its unicast-based initial parameter. Low energy consumption version of(More)
A multicenter randomized controlled study was conducted to assess the long-term efficacy and safety of cyclosporin A therapy for psoriasis using either a continuous or an intermittent regimen. Initially, both regimens consisted of 3-5 mg/kg/day administration of CyA. Once remission was obtained, CyA dose was maintained between 0.5 and 3 mg/kg/day under the(More)
Considering the fact that P2P (Peer-to-Peer) systems are self-organized and autonomous, social-control mechanism (like trust and reputation) is essential to evaluate the trustworthiness of participating peers and to combat the selfish, dishonest and malicious peer behaviors. So, naturally, we advocate that P2P systems that gradually act as an important(More)
Various new transport protocols have been proposed with the aim of the efficient use of abundant resources in fast long-distance networks, and a number of experiments to investigate the performances of those protocols have already been reported. However, they have mainly focused on the throughput characteristics of a single connection or under a stable(More)
Recently, we revealed that the cloverleaf structure of some eukaryotic tRNAs is not always stable in vitro, and the denatured structures of these tRNAs are sometimes detected in bacterial RNase P reactions. We have designated the unusual internal cleavage reaction of these tRNAs as hyperprocessing. We have developed this hyperprocessing strategy as a useful(More)