Yoshiaki Asanuma

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The reaction of alcohols with selenium and isocyanides in the presence of DBU gave oxyimidoylselenoates 6. Trapping of 6 with BuI resulted in high-yield formation of selenocarbonimidates 4. When alk-2-yn-1-ols 9 were allowed to react with selenium and isocyanides under similar conditions, new selenium-containing heterocycles 10,(More)
Sequential pattern mining is a technique used to discover frequent subsequences as patterns in a sequence database. Many excellent sequential pattern mining approaches such as GSP, SPADE, and PrefixSpan have been proposed. However, the existing approaches still encounter problems when the set of all different items in a sequence database is large.(More)
A simple and practical useful synthetic method of 1,3-benzoselenazoles having a heteroatom substituent such as NRR', OR, and SR groups at the 2-position was developed by the copper(I)-catalyzed reaction of 2-bromophenyl (1) or 2-iodophenyl (2) isocyanides with selenium and heteroatom nucleophiles. In addition, the synthesis of 2-amino-1,3-benzotellurazoles(More)
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