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We present an actuated handheld puppet system for controlling the posture of a virtual character. Physical puppet devices have been used in the past to intuitively control character posture. In our research, an actuator is added to each joint of such an input device to provide physical feedback to the user. This enhancement offers many benefits. First, the(More)
This paper proposes a real-time, video based motion capture system using only one video camera. Since conventional video based motion capture systems need many cameras and take a long time to deal with many video images, they cannot generate motion data in real time. Therefore they cannot be used as a real-time input device for a standard PC. On the other(More)
This paper describes a robust tracking algorithm for real-time, video based motion capture systems. Conventional motion capture systems are unable to capture motion data in real time because they use many video cameras and take a long time to deal with many images. To deal with problem, the authors have proposed in their earlier work [I] a real-time motion(More)
This paper proposes a component-based 3D object manipulation framework using a magnet metaphor for 2D and 3D integrated toolkit system. The authors have been studying component based 3D software development systems. For the development of 3D graphics applications, the layout of 3D objects is important factor. However, it is very laborious work and it takes(More)
There is a well-known problem that it is very difficult to accurately make a 3D object move/rotate to a specific position/orientation in a virtual 3D space by the direct manipulation of a mouse device on a 2D computer display screen. To deal with this problem, the authors have already proposed an automatic 3D object layout method based on contact(More)
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