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Three patients with Fukuyama congenital muscular dystrophy (FCMD), who died aged 23, 29 and 34 years, are reported. There was extensive brain malformation, but the most severe pattern of cortical dysplasia was absent in one case and in the other two localized bilaterally to small areas near the occipital poles. In two cases, numerous neurofibrillary tangles(More)
The addition of a targeting strategy is necessary to enhance oncolysis and secure safety of a conditionally replicative adenovirus (CRAd). We have constructed an adenovirus library displaying random peptides on the fiber, and have successfully identified a pancreatic cancer-targeting ligand (SYENFSA). Here, the usefulness of cancer-targeted CRAd for(More)
BACKGROUND Optimizing targeting strategies for vectors in order to enhance antitumor activity and secure patient safety is important for cancer gene therapy. We previously identified two pancreatic cancer-targeting ligands (PFWSGAV: PFW and SYENFSA: SYE) by screening an adenovirus library in vivo and in vitro, respectively. MATERIALS AND METHODS To(More)
A case of primary malignant melanoma of the vulva associated with pregnancy in a 31-year-old patient is reported. The primary tumor was first found at week 14 of pregnancy and biopsied on delivery at week 41 of pregnancy. Microscopically, the depth of invasion was Level V. Radical vulvectomy and bilateral inguino-femoral lymphadenectomy were performed and(More)
Although oncolytic adenoviruses are promising cancer therapy agents, for effective oncolytic activity, viruses need to specifically infect and effectively replicate in cancer cells but not in normal cells. We have previously identified a pancreatic cancer-targeting ligand, SYENFSA (SYE), by screening an adenovirus library displaying random peptides against(More)
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