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Laser ablation of the palatine tonsils is a useful alternative to tonsillectomy in adults. Cryptic tonsillitis is a common problem causing recurrent infection, sore throat, and halitosis. Elimination and/or obliteration of surface pockets (crypts) of the palatine tonsils utilizing the CO2 laser was effective in 86 patients treated in the past 4 years.(More)
This article reviews our experience with 86 patients undergoing 95 pectoralis major myocutaneous flap reconstructions. Complications and their incidence were very similar to those reported in previous series. Three cases of hidden recurrences appear to be previously unreported complications. The problem of delayed detection of recurrence in at-risk patients(More)
Sarcoidosis is a chronic multisystem granulomatous disease that has a predilection for pulmonary and upper respiratory tract involvement. Because the initial signs and symptoms of sarcoidosis may be identical to those of other forms of chronic sinonasal inflammatory disease, these patients will often first seek treatment from an otolaryngologist. We present(More)
Osteomyelitis of the clavicle is rare; however, it may occur following head and neck surgery. Risk factors include radiation, long-standing tracheitis, disruption of the periosteum or the cortical bone with interruption of the blood supply to the clavicle. Proper management includes early diagnosis, surgical debridement of soft tissue and bone, appropriate(More)
A case of primary chordoma of the maxillary sinus is presented. The embryology of the notochord is reviewed and it is suggested that the frequently used adjective "ectopic" is a misnomer. The literature of primary paranasal sinus chordomas is reviewed and the clinicopathological features described. It is emphasized that these lesions can mimic other benign(More)
Two hundred patients with squamous carcinoma of the head and neck were evaluated prospectively for synchronous second primary tumors. Complete head and neck examination, chest x-ray, and barium study (when indicated) revealed synchronous tumors of the upper aerodigestive tract in 24 patients (12%). Eleven patients had a second primary in the head and neck(More)
Traumatic, degenerative, benign, and malignant lesions of the clivus and cervical spine were treated by three basic surgical procedures. Midline skull base lesions in the nasopharynx, clivus, and C-1 were approached via the transmandibular and transcervical route. Lesions of C-2 and C-3 were operated on through a high transcervical route (above the(More)
The pectoralis myocutaneous island flap was used for head and neck reconstruction in 42 patients. Major necrosis did not occur in any case, and minor necrosis was present in three of the cases (7%). The advantages of this flap over other myocutaneous flaps and cutaneous pedicle flaps are delineated.
BACKGROUND This study was designed to assess laser-induced manipulation on bacterial load and host in an animal model of acute bacterial rhinosinusitis (ABRS). An animal study using 12 rabbits followed an elaborated efficient in vitro model. ABRS was created by packing the nose with a sponge soaked in solution containing pathogenic microorganisms. Eight(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of the present study was to review the technique of endoscopic laser-assisted esophagodiverticulostomy (ELAED) for the treatment of Zenker's diverticulum. METHODS We reviewed 83 cases of ELAED performed for the treatment of Zenker's diverticuli during the past decade. RESULTS ELAED-treated patients had a reduced hospital stay(More)