York Yannikos

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Similarity preserving hashing can aid forensic investigations by providing means to recognize known content and modified versions of known content. However, this raises the need for efficient indexing strategies which support the similarity search. We present and evaluate two indexing strategies for robust image hashes created by the ForBild tool. These(More)
Large enterprises frequently enforce accounting limits to reduce the impact of fraud. As a complement to accounting limits, auditors use Benford analysis to detect traces of undesirable or illegal activities in accounting data. Unfortunately, the two fraud fighting measures often do not work well together. Accounting limits may significantly disturb the(More)
A digital forensics examiner often has to deal with large amounts of multimedia content during an investigation. One important part of such an investigation is to identify illegal material like pictures containing child pornography. Robust image hashing is an effective technique to help identifying known illegal images even after the original images were(More)
Der Einsatz von Informationstechnologie (IT) in Organisationen bietet viele Möglichkeiten des Missbrauchs. Beschäftigte können sich die besonderen Eigenschaften der IT zunutze machen, um sich etwa in geschäftsschädigender Weise Vorteile zu verschaffen. Gleichzeitig ermöglicht IT aber auch, verbotene Handlungen aufzuspüren und zu belegen (IT-Forensik). Der(More)