Yoriko Tokita

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Oncogene amplification and chromosomal anomalies are found in many solid tumors and are often associated with aggressiveness of cancer. We evaluated the frequency and the role of c-erbB-2 gene amplification, relative increase in c-erbB-2 gene copy number, and gain of chromosome 17 in bladder cancer. A total of 29 bladder cancer specimens were examined using(More)
Morphology and function (secretion of thyroid hormone) of human thyroid tissues from Graves' disease patients are well maintained in C57BL/6J-scid mice. Serum level of thyroid hormone was reduced by fission neutrons from the nuclear reactor UTR-KINKI, and changes in thyroid hormone by fission neutrons were bigger than those by low LET radiations, X-rays and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate histologic change in human prostate samples treated with dutasteride and to elucidate direct effects of dutasteride on human prostate tissue, the present study was conducted by using a xenograft model with improved severe combined immunodeficient (super-SCID) mice, although it is well known that dutasteride reduces prostate volume. (More)
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