Yoriko Herai

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Caffeine is synthesized through sequential three-step methylation of xanthine derivatives at positions 7-N, 3-N, and 1-N. However, controversy exists as to the number and properties of the methyltransferases involved. Using primers designed on the basis of conserved amino acid regions of tea caffeine synthase and Arabidopsis hypothetical proteins, a(More)
BACKGROUND It has been reported that nasal allergy influences the lower airway inflammation and functions. We elucidated whether nasal allergy would contribute to lower airway inflammation and functions. METHODS 266 subjects aged 21-39 years were interviewed with special emphasis on history of asthma and nasal allergies (perennial allergic rhinitis (PAR)(More)
BACKGROUND Late asthmatic response is observed following antigen challenge in actively, but not passively, sensitized guinea pigs. Although cough reflex sensitivity is increased after antigen challenge in actively sensitized guinea pigs, it is unknown whether the antigen-induced increase in cough reflex sensitivity develops in passively sensitized animals.(More)
BACKGROUND 30-80% of outgrown asthma subjects develop symptoms again later in life. We investigated inflammation and function of lower airway in adolescents with former asthma. METHODS 326 never-smoking young adults (mean age 24.0 years) were interviewed with special emphasis on history of asthma. Diagnosis of asthma was based on GINA guidelines. Former(More)
A Japanese woman who developed dyspnea on effort and systemic edema at the age of 21 died of respiratory failure at age 33. She had no smoking history, air pollution exposure, or alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency. Her father had also died of respiratory failure at the age of 30. This disorder was suspected to be hereditary.
A 32-year-old Japanese woman was referred to our hospital complaining of non-productive cough and dyspnea when in a dorsal position. Physical examination revealed left cervical lymph node swelling. Laboratory data showed HCG 17,700mIU/ml, betaHCG 130ng/ml, CYFRA 104ng/ml, AFP<2.0ng/ml, and LDH 802IU/l. A chest radiograph showed a giant mass shadow in the(More)
A 24-year old man was hospitalized because of a severe asthmatic attack in August 2003. The asthma attack was well controlled by mechanical ventilation, intravenous hydrocortisone and inhaled beta2-agonist. Physical examination revealed sparse hair, reduced sweating and hypodontia. We also confirmed the absence of sweat glands in a biopsied skin specimen.(More)
The lungs, eyes and skin are affected in most cases of sarcoidosis. We encountered a rare case of sarcoidosis which presented extensive lymphadenopathy, various skin lesions, lesions in the thoracic cavity with bilateral pleural effusion, eosinophilia (43% in the periphery blood).
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