Yorgos Koutsoyannopoulos

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An efficient modeling technique and a novel CAD tool for the accurate prediction of the performance of integrated inductors and transformers is presented. This generic and process-independent approach generates lumped-element models that easily plug into the RF IC design flow. Their accuracy is established through comparisons with measurements of numerous(More)
A generic and process-independent lumped element model for simulating the performance of arbitrarily shaped and multi-layer inductors on silicon substrates is presented. Integrated inductors are modeled using an equivalent two-port network for each segment of the spiral. An algorithm that extracts the complete circuit is presented in detail. Element value(More)
A novel design flow is introduced based on an efficient inductance modeler, supporting RLCk extraction for spiral inductors, transformers and RF interconnect lines. The modeler operates on a set of EM-derived algorithms that can model complex cross-coupled devices on any silicon substrate rapidly and reliably. A design flow is set up in Cadence SKILL,(More)
Electromagnetic Crosstalk analysis is emerging as a fundamental necessity as a component of electronic system development. With the advent of advanced technologies and System on-Chip (SoC) architectures, ignoring electromagnetic crosstalk is highly risky resulting in significant delays in reaching the market on time as well significant cost over runs. This(More)
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