Yoran Rössler

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The wild-type allele of a “dark pupae” mutant of the Mediterranean fruitfly,Ceratitis capitata Wied. was translocated to the male's Y-chromosome. Through a series of crosses and backcrosses, 2 lines of the Mediterranean fruitfly with the male linked translocation were produced. These lines produced continuously wild-type (brown pupae) males and mutant “dark(More)
Biological and morphological characters of the thelytokous and arrhenotokous forms ofA. mytilaspidis and their hybrids were investigated. Some biological differences between the thelytokous and arrhenotokous forms were found. The former is adapted to warmer condition and will parasitizeHemiberlesia lataniae as well asDiaspis echinocacti, while the latter(More)
A true-breeding “69 — apricot” strain of the Mediterranean fruit fly,Ceratitis capitata Wied, has been established in the laboratory. The strain carries a Y-chromosome translocation and produces wild-type (brown) pupae in the male and mutant dark-pupae in the female. The adults have all an apricot eye color. Some components of the sexual behaviour were(More)
The reproductive relations and the probability of hybridization between an arrhenotokous and a thelytokous form ofA. mytilaspidis were investigated so as to determine the significance of thelytoky in biosystematic studies and its value as a taxonomic character. Gene markers were utilized to detect and follow the various phases of the introgressive process(More)
During the years 1975–1982, the “Israel Cohen” Inst. for Biological Control conducted a biological control project, against the black scale,Saissetia oleae (Olivier) (Homoptera: Coccidae). Seventeen species of natural enemies were introduced into Israel during that period, and their action reduced the populations of the pest to an acceptable level. The(More)
Arrhenotokously reproducing Hymenoptera and Acarina include many important natural enemies. This reproductive system offers the opportunity of selection on hemizygous (♂ ♂), with the attendant advantages of an unmasked genotype fully exposed to selection, in creased frequency of genotypes expressing rare genes, and enhanced discrimination of characters, in(More)
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