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Hypertext is a generalization of the conventional linear text into a non-linear text formed by adding cross-reference and structural links between different pieces of text. A hypertext can be regarded as an extension of a textual database by adding a link structure among the different text objects it stores. We present a tool for finding information in a(More)
Browsing through a hyperdocument often leads to orientation problems: "you don't know where you are, you are lost in hyperspace ". Although some of these problems may be diminished by specific browsing tools, such as fish-eye views and history mechanisms, most problems are embedded in the structure of the hyperdocument. In order to detect and analyze(More)
We propose a novel data model and its language for querying object-oriented databases where objects may hold spatial, temporal or constraint data, conceptually represented by linear equality and inequality constraints. The proposed <i>LyriC</i> language is designed to provide a uniform and flexible framework for diverse application realms such as (1)(More)