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In this paper, we propose a novel path-based control method for generating realistic smoke animations. Our method allows an animator to specify a 3D curve for the smoke to follow. Path control is then achieved using a linear (closed) feedback loop to match the velocity field obtained from a 3D flow simulation with a target velocity field. The target(More)
We present a new level set method for reconstructing interfaces from point aggregations. Although level-set-based methods are advantageous because they can handle complicated topologies and noisy data, most tend to smooth the inherent roughness of the original data. Our objective is to enhance the quality of a reconstructed surface by preserving certain(More)
In this paper, we present a novel modeling method for synthesizing rough surfaces using discrete surface growth models. We employ a two-pass method. Initial point cluster data is generated using discrete simulation models derived from physical surface growth and evolution. Then, a final surface is reconstructed from the point clusters by a level set method.(More)
In this paper we develop a filter design framework emphasizing feature preservation. We are particularly interested in multiscale filters that can be used in wavelet transforms for large datasets generated by computational fluid dynamics simulations. High-fidelity wavelet transforms can facilitate the visualization of large scientific data sets. However, it(More)
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