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For quantization of line spectral frequency (LSF), Gaussian mixture model (GMM) based switched split vector quantization (SSVQ) has been reported as the best performing intra-frame coding method. However, GMM-SSVQ partly recovers correlations between the subvectors of split vector quantization (SVQ). In the proposed GMM-SSVQ with the Karhunen-Loève(More)
Part of a wider range of investigations to produce generally acceptable standards for measuring affective well-being, time diary surveys have tested several approaches to measuring subjective well-being during diary days. As an alternative to the standard approach of asking a single question about each activity reported in time diary surveys, the 2010(More)
—This paper analyzes a special type of social networks , which is called 'workflow-supported activity-performer affiliation network.' A workflow model specifies execution sequences of the associated activities and their affiliated relationships with roles, performers, invoked-applications, and relevant data. Especially, these affiliated relationships(More)
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