Yoonjae Park

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The skyline operator and its variants such as dynamic skyline and reverse skyline operators have attracted considerable attention recently due to their broad applications. However, computations of such operators are challenging today since there is an increasing trend of applications to deal with big data. For such data-intensive applications, the MapReduce(More)
Digg is a social news website that lets people submit articles to share their favorite web pages (e.g. blog postings or news articles) and vote the articles posted by others. Digg service currently lists the articles in the front page by popularity without considering each user's preference to the topics in the articles. Helping users to find the most(More)
The skyline operator has attracted considerable attention recently due to its broad applications. However, computing a skyline is challenging today since we have to deal with big data. For data-intensive applications, the MapReduce framework has been widely used recently. In this paper, we propose the efficient parallel algorithm <italic>SKY-MR(More)
Particles in glass-forming liquids may form domains of locally favorable structures (LFSs) upon supercooling. Whether and how the LFS domains would relate to the slow relaxation of the glass-forming liquids have been issues of interest. In this study, we employ tracers of which structures resemble the LFS domains in Wahnström and Kob-Andersen (KA)(More)
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