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The traveling salesman problem with precedence constraints (TSPPC) is one of the most difficult combinatorial optimization problems. In this paper, an efficient genetic algorithm (GA) to solve the TSPPC is presented. The key concept of the proposed GA is a topological sort (TS), which is defined as an ordering of vertices in a directed graph. Also, a new(More)
Integration of process planning and scheduling is one of the most important functions to support flexible planning in a multi-plant. The planning and scheduling are actually interrelated and should be solved simultaneously. In this paper, we propose an advanced process planning and scheduling model for the multi-plant. The objective of the model is to(More)
A main function for supporting global objectives in a manufacturing supply chain is planning and scheduling. This is considered such an important function because it is involved in the assignment of factory resources to production tasks. In this paper, an advanced planning model that simultaneously decides process plans and schedules was proposed for the(More)
Reconfigurability of machine tools is one of the critical factors to realize the responsive manufacturing systems to satisfy the mass-customization production. This paper presents the methods to model and simulate the machine tools on Internet in response to change in the machining requirements. Specifically, a set of module combination rules and a modeling(More)
Designing and planning of supply chain network (SCN) is one of the most important decisions to be made in dynamic business environment. Under today's dynamic circumstances, SCN is too complex to allow realistic models to be evaluated analytically. For this reason, we have developed a new simulator. This simulator provides most of the features needed to(More)