Yoong Ki Jeong

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PURPOSE To evaluate the usefulness of known computed tomographic (CT) criteria for the differentiation of simple and strangulated small-bowel obstructions. MATERIALS AND METHODS CT scans of 84 patients with simple (n = 43) and strangulated (n = 41) small-bowel obstructions caused by adhesions, hernia, and volvulus were reviewed retrospectively. Diagnoses(More)
We have demonstrated a highly-efficient cladding-pumped ytterbium-doped fiber laser generating 1.36 kW of continuous-wave output power at 1.1 mum with 83% slope efficiency and near diffraction-limited beam quality. The laser was end-pumped through both fiber ends and showed no evidence of roll-over even at the highest output power, which was limited only by(More)
The aims of this cross-sectional study were (i) to compare the overall glucose metabolism between early onset and late onset Alzheimer's disease in a large sample of patients; and (ii) to investigate the pattern of glucose metabolism as a function of dementia severity in early onset versus late onset Alzheimer's disease, using a statistical parametric(More)
Until recently, MRI has not been considered to be suitable for the evaluation of the small intestine due to artifacts associated with bowel peristalsis or respiration. However, recent advances of MR techniques enable the acquisition of clear images of the small intestine. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to review the details for the application of(More)
The Met receptor tyrosine kinase, found to be constitutively activated in many tumors, has become a leading target for cancer therapy. Disruptions in Met downregulation have been associated with aggressive tumor progression with several therapeutic strategies addressing this aspect of Met biology. Castias B-lineage lymphoma (Cbl) E3 ligase-mediated(More)
Several factors, such as pH, C/N ratio, temperature, mixing and turning, and aeration rate, could affect the loss of ammonia in composting reactions. Substantial loss of ammonia can reduce the nutrient value of the compost product and may lead to a severe odor problem in the composting facility. A new method for conservation of ammonia in composting was(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of our prospective study was to evaluate the value of various operator-dependent techniques that allow graded compression sonography to detect normal or abnormal vermiform appendix. SUBJECTS AND METHODS A total of 877 subjects were included in this study. This sample population consisted of two groups: 202 control subjects and 675(More)
BACKGROUND Parkinsonism is a common neurological sequela of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, but its pathophysiological mechanism has yet to be clarified. OBJECTIVES To describe a married couple who were both affected by CO poisoning, but only 1 of whom developed CO-induced parkinsonism, and to discuss the possible underlying pathophysiological mechanism(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the clinical and radiologic features of biliary stricture after blunt abdominal trauma and to report the results of endoscopic stent placement. MATERIALS AND METHODS Medical records and radiologic findings were reviewed in five patients with biliary stricture after blunt abdominal trauma. The level, length, and contour of the(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate ERCP and CT findings of ectopic drainage of the common bile duct into the duodenal bulb. CONCLUSION Although rare, the diagnosis of ectopic drainage of the common bile duct into the duodenal bulb is important to prevent inadvertent damage during biliary tract or gastric surgery and to clarify the cause(More)