Yoondong Park

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A 1.5Mpixel RGBZ image sensor that simultaneously captures color (RGB) and time-of-flight (ToF) range (Z) images is presented. While ToF sensors are well documented [1,2], few, if any, monolithic sensors have been reported that capture both range and color. In one sensor [3], a combined pixel structure captures color and range, but presumably in sequential(More)
A pair of photogates is employed as a high frequency demodulation pixel for three dimensional time-of-flight image sensor. Using a I92x I 08 array of the pixels, demodulation contrast above 50% is achieved at 20MHz frequency and the test chip exhibits distance en·or less than I% up to 7 m detection of the object. Modulation frequency dependent behavior of(More)
Nanoscale manipulation of surface charges and their imaging are essential for understanding local electronic behaviors of polar materials and advanced electronic devices. Electrostatic force microscopy and Kelvin probe force microscopy have been extensively used to probe and image local surface charges responsible for electrodynamics and transport(More)
In this paper, we develop pixels with concentricphotogates for applications in time-of-flight 3-D image sensors with single-tap architecture. The pixel uses a buried-channel device and features a reduced effective electron transit length, for the rapid transfer of a signal electron. A reduction in the interpixel irregularity of signal levels and a(More)
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