Yoondong Park

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A 1.5Mpixel RGBZ image sensor that simultaneously captures color (RGB) and time-of-flight (ToF) range (Z) images is presented. While ToF sensors are well documented [1,2], few, if any, monolithic sensors have been reported that capture both range and color. In one sensor [3], a combined pixel structure captures color and range, but presumably in sequential(More)
— In this paper, we develop pixels with concentric-photogates for applications in time-of-flight 3-D image sensors with single-tap architecture. The pixel uses a buried-channel device and features a reduced effective electron transit length, for the rapid transfer of a signal electron. A reduction in the interpixel irregularity of signal levels and a(More)
A pair of photogates is employed as a high frequency demodulation pixel for three dimensional time-of-flight image sensor. Using a I92x I 08 array of the pixels, demodulation contrast above 50% is achieved at 20MHz frequency and the test chip exhibits distance en·or less than I% up to 7 m detection of the object. Modulation frequency dependent behavior of(More)
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