Yoon-Sik Yoo

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This research focuses on building-information related energy consumption estimation modeling by analyzing domestic electricity energy and water consumption data. We identify the elements of apartment buildings which are related to electricity and water use and demonstrate energy consumption forecast based on the proposed model. To verify the patterns of(More)
IEEE 802.11e MAC (medium access control) is one of the IEEE 802.11 WLAN (wireless local area network) standards define for QoS (quality of service) support on the wireless communications. The 802.11e MAC is based on both center controlled channel access and contention-based channel access mechanisms. EDCA (enhanced distributed coordination function) is(More)
In this paper, we propose a device capability-based adaptive streaming mechanism for resource efficiency in wire-wireless service environment and analyze resource utilization efficiency. If the same multiple devices share streaming content, this technique is to allow a transformation thread to run as a minimum. Current structure of real-time streaming(More)
This research focuses on monitoring the electric power consumption patterns of consumers and implementation of integrated operation monitoring system using energy information display to attract active energy conservation. This paper also analyses the electric power consumption patterns in energy consumption data gathered from the monitoring system according(More)
The paper presents the analysis of the power saving effect and the customer satisfaction level for In-Home Display usage. Through the validation between the experimental group and the control group, we analyze the power consumption and consumer preferences. From the results obtained from the questionnaire used, we also confirm the customer satisfaction.
This paper designs an energy optimal management in smart grid infrastructure. As a way of assigning the prioritized optimal energy of the adjacent energy provider from the energy-requesting user, if there is a surplus of energy from the energy provider, the smart grid as being the closest to the user preferentially allocates the optimal energy to the(More)
The IEC 61850 based DER management is required to manage the safety information of the emergency generator in the VPP infrastructure. To this end, this paper proposes communication interface structure for improving the data processing performance of the IEC 61850 server, and compares the legacy and the proposed data processing performance. The proposed(More)
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