Yoon-Seok Choi

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SUMMARY We propose a new genetic fuzzy discretization method with feature selection for the pattern classification problems. Traditional discretization methods categorize a continuous attribute into a number of bins. Because they are made on crisp discretization, there exists considerable information loss. Fuzzy discretization allows overlapping intervals(More)
We propose a genetic fuzzy discretization method for continuous numerical attributes. Traditional discretization methods categorize the continuous attributes into a number of bins. Because they are made on crisp discretization, there exists considerable information loss. Fuzzy discretization allows overlapping intervals and reflects linguistic(More)
The ultimate goal in treating zygomatic complex fracture is to obtain an accurate, stable reduction while minimizing external scars and functional deformity. The present authors present our experiences with a single transconjunctival incision and two-point (inferior orbital rim and frontozygomatic suture) fixation in 53 patients with zygomatic complex(More)
We present a genetic feature selection method for the optimization of an image set for producing real-time photomosaics. A photomosaic is an image that is divided into grid cells, each of which is replaced with another image of an appropriate color pattern. Construction of a photomosaic requires a large set of tile images with different patterns. However, a(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Placement of drug-eluting stents (DES) can be complicated by stent thrombosis; prophylactic antiplatelet therapy has been used to prevent such events. We evaluated the efficacy of cilostazol with regard to stent thrombosis as adjunctive antiplatelet therapy. SUBJECTS AND METHODS A total of 1,315 patients (846 males, 469 females)(More)
BACKGROUND Even though the olfactory function usually is improved or unchanged after ethmoidectomy, some patients complain of olfactory disturbance, which may be caused by direct injury to the olfactory nerves. However, the detailed anatomic pathway of the olfactory nerves that leave the olfactory mucosa and after going through the cribriform plate insert(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study is to determine the diagnostic and prognostic role of baseline spinal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in patients with multiple myeloma. MATERIALS AND METHODS We enrolled patients newly diagnosed with multiple myeloma from 2004-2011 at a single center. Abnormal MRI findings that were not detected in radiographs have been(More)
This study describes a fully automated system for generating caricature images by using a painterly rendering method. This system transforms photos into caricature images automatically. A few similar approaches have been proposed by other researchers including [Gooch et al. 2004] and [Liang et al. 2002]. These methods, however, did not produce satisfying(More)
OBJECTIVE Along with increasing livestock products via intensive rearing, the accumulation of livestock manure has become a serious issue due to the fact that there is finite land for livestock manure recycling via composting. The nutrients from livestock manure accumulate on agricultural land and the excess disembogues into streams causing eutrophication.(More)
We retrospectively reviewed outcomes of treatment with VIP (combination of etoposide, ifosfamide, and cisplatin) in patients with previously treated soft tissue sarcoma (STS).We analyzed the medical records of patients with advanced or relapsed STS who had undergone VIP treatment as second-line or more chemotherapy between January 2000 and December 2015.(More)